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26/4/2022, Athens-Greece

Press Release

31 companies were recognized by INBIAN and EFQM as
“Validated companies – using the EFQM Model”

After the successful completion of the program “Validated by EFQM”, thirty-one (31)
companies were recognized by INBIAN and EFQM as “Validated companies – using the
EFQM Model”.
INBIAN, the exclusive EFQM National Partner Organisation in Greece, provided its services
based on the program “Validated by EFQM” to ten (10) Greek, eleven (11) Ukrainian and ten
(10) Armenian companies, participants in the «EXCELTOUR – Business Excellence in
Tourism» program, an EU project funded by “ENI CBC Joint Operational Programme
BLACK SEA BASIN 2014-2020”. The programme continues for an additional 20+
It is worth mentioning that the Ukrainian and Armenian companies are the first ones in their
countries to implement the EFQM Model and achieve the “Validated by EFQM” recognition.
This EFQM recognition shows how well these companies are performing against a globally
proven management framework – the EFQM Model.
INBIAN’s BoD congratulates the companies’ representatives and their teams for their great
achievement, as well as all the involved bodies in the EU funded program for their initiative.
INBIAN remains committed to the effective promotion of the EFQM Business Excellence
philosophy across the world through the provision of high quality training, advisory and
recognition services to organisations and their people, as the most viable route for achieving
sustainability and growth.

For more info please contact:
Institute for Sustainability & Growth (INBIAN)
4 Kalavriton Str.
14564 Kifisia, Greece
Tel.: +210 6254070

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INBIAN is the Institute for Sustainability & Growth that acts as the official partner of EFQM in Greece

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