“EFQM RESILIENCE TOOLKIT” is a series of modern business excellence tools, created by INBIAN,  in order to facilitate enterprises and organisations of any  size and sector in the implementation of the EFQM Model, providing them with practical examples of processes and systems, that cover most of the EFQM Model’s Criteria.

Essential tools for organisations that aim to succeed sustainable development and growth, be resistant and competitive to the challenges of modern world.

The EFQM Resilience Tools are available in Greek language and are the followng:
1.Internal Communication Management
2.Process Map
4.Change Management
5.The ESG European Regulations and its implementations

You can get 2  tools of your choice for free with your application for the EFQM Recognition programs.

You can get on demand any tool you need to build a continuous improvement culture and mindset across your whole organisation.


For more information contact:
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