EFQM Excellent Organisations

A new digital credential by INBIAN!

With great pleasure INBIAN announces a new initiative to acknowledge the Recognised Organisations in the EFQM Business Excellence Certification Schemes as:

“EFQM Excellent Organisations”

A new digital credential by INBIAN to provide further visibility for the EFQM Recognised Organisations and reward their continuous commitment towards a sustainable future!

“INBIAN, as the exclusive National Partner Organisation of EFQM in Greece, adopts a global practice and introduces digital credentials for the EFQM Recognised Organisations that have successfully applied the most modern Model for Excellence & Sustainability, thus demonstrating they belong in the “Elite of Business Excellence”!

All EFQM Recognised Organisations share common values such as sustainability, extroversion, corporate & social responsibility, innovation, governance ethics, while at the same time focusing on continuous improvement and sustainable development as main priorities.

Using the new credential system, all Recognised Organisations will enjoy further benefits in terms of networking activities on matters of common interest, newsletters on the latest developments from the EFQM global community, access to Business Excellence tools, participation in training seminars, as well as business events and conferences. Furthermore, they will be the focus of a series of promotion activities to communicate their achievements and best practices and thus propagate the necessary knowledge that can help provide a competitive advantage for all Greek enterprises.

We shape a better future for business through Excellence, Agility and Sustainable Transformation!

Use the honor badges, Connect with us!”