MINETTA – Recognised by EFQM 4 Star

The implementation of the EFQM Μodel as a tool for their
ongoing improvement, towards providing quality services and
sustainable, ethical business activities


MINETTA INSURANCE is one of the oldest insurance companies in Greece, with a successful presence of over 50 years in the insurance market. The company’s 170 employees work diligently to provide exceptional services not only towards our 1,300 business partners across Greece, but also to our stable client base of over 200,000 devoted customers, who entrust our services for their insurance needs.

Our enduring goal on this half-century journey, has always been the fulfillment of obligations and keeping our promises towards all those who have trusted our fundamental quality services. We maintain our core principles, ensuring substantial insurance coverage, as well as fair and prompt compensation.

Ιn recent years, MINETTA Insurance has placed particular emphasis on digital transformation, aiming to integrate technologies and adopt an organizational approach that highlights anthropocentric values. These values characterize our company since its foundation and require constant effort to remain contemporary whilst adapting to the real needs of stakeholders and simultaneously provide organizational efficiency.


Ιn pursuing this direction, we have “invested” in the EFQM Model, evaluating it as a particularly useful, though simultaneously demanding tool.

The EFQM Model has assisted us in numerous ways. Starting from the internal process for our preparation and compilation of all necessary documentation required for the certification, we began to reevaluate various parameters relating to procedures, processes, performance indicators, actions and practices which apply within our organization at MINETTA.

Subsequently, after a thorough assessment of all model criteria, we received a particularly beneficial and objective feedback report prepared by the assessors. Beyond recognizing our efforts and receiving a 4-star rating, the feedback report was utilized in very way possible. 
Management and department heads gained insights from the positive and negative aspects depicted in the evaluation report, focusing on areas that needed improvement. 

Further to the evaluation process, our company moved forward with further actions by capitalizing on all useful information and developed action plans for all areas identified for improvement.

“Based on the actions resulting from the
implementation of the EFQM model, we
achieved positive results, both in terms of
daily operations as well as in establishing
benchmarks for our ongoing
improvement, towards providing quality
services and sustainable, ethical business

Milta Kaldelis
Director of Customer Service & Complaints Management

Photoshoot from EFQM Award Ceremony took
place at Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry (A.C.C.I), on 24.11.2022

From left to right, Μr. Nikos Vasiliou, President of INBIAN BoD, Mrs. Milta Kaldelis, Director of Customer Service
& Complaints Manager, Mr. Georgios Minetas, Α’ Deputy Executive Director MINETTA, Mr. Kostis Xatzidakis,
Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, Dr. Ioannis Bertsatos, CEO INBIAN